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Holistic dermatology, aesthetic & nutrition

Varsity Skin & Wellness Clinic

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Skin Treatments

Our experienced dermatologists provide the best in class solutions and treatments to our patients. We provide medical and surgical treatments for dificult top manage diseases

 The long list of testimonials and patient feedback is the testiment to our patent centric care and attention to detail. 

Our staff members play a vital role in provide exemplry care by attending to the queries taht our patients have, after and during the follow up treatment periods.

hair Treatments

Hair Loss is one of the most common problems experienced by both men and women. 

Our centre has a dedicated team to perform hair restoration procedures like non surgical hair transplant and hair transplantation. 

We pride our selves to find the “root cause” of hairfall before jumping to any treatment plan. This has led us to have a long list of happy clients

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic enhancement is unique discipline of dermatologic medicine focused on enhancing the appearance through surgical and medical techniques. 

Where as clinical dermatology deals with disease, cosmetic dermatology deals with the “desire.” Our dermatologists with their internatioanl trainings and education in top medical institutes offer a unique blend of professional care and an eye for artistic detail.

laser Treatments

Common cosmetic conditions like pigementation on face, acne scars, collagen remodelling, face dullness, hair removal, skin tightening requires energy based devices like lasers.

We have collaboarated with top notch national laser and EBD providers to help our patients get the whole gamut of treatments options available in-house.

nutrition & Wellness

Eating right, moving more and having a positive attitude is the open secret to a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Our Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultants hold a PhD in exercise and stress physiology and a certification from the prestigious American Council of Exercise as a Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


Our Doctors

Dr. Pranjal Joshi, MBBS (MAMC), MD (Dermatology)

Dr. Medha Kapoor, PhD

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